CedarBridge Group and Stella Technology Care Approve Project Advances to Phase 2 in HHS Move Health Data Forward Challenge

What if we put health data control in patients’ hands? CareApprove™ can do it.

We are thrilled to announce that today, patients are a little closer to directing how their individual health data flows. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) announced today that CedarBridge Group LLC has been awarded a phase one funding prize of $5,000, and will participate in the second phase of the Move Health Data Forward Challenge (MHDFC).

Through the America COMPETES Act, MHDFC is a nationwide competition to incentivize development of solutions that will allow individuals to authorize the movement of their health data electronically. With this news, CedarBridge and our partner, San Jose based HIT services and product technology developer Stella Technology, Inc. will set to work on prototyping the revolutionary new app, CareApprove.

CareApprove is a smart phone app that allows patients to grant—and revoke— permission for providers to access, send, or receive health information electronically.  CareApprove is designed to put patients in charge of how their health data is shared, which is critical for data related to behavioral health, substance use disorders or sexually transmitted infections. Complex federal and state requirements for collecting patient consent to share health information mean that many healthcare organizations choose to lock down sensitive health data, even when patients want their providers to have a full picture of their health.

The CareApprove app will let patients choose whether their health data is made available to all healthcare providers they have a medical relationship with, or released on a case-by-case basis for treatment or care coordination.

As a strategy to achieve ONC’s goals for expanding consumer-mediated health information exchange, the MHDFC competition requires using the Health Relationship Trust (HEART)privacy and security specifications in the app design. The CareApprove app incorporates the HEART requirements with rigorously compliant security. By giving the power of data-sharing permissions to patients, CareApprove will resolve many of the vexing legal questions facing healthcare organizations that store and share health records.

Managing patient consent among providers is one of the toughest challenges we see, and often, critical information about patients’ conditions is hidden from their trusted providers. CareApprove not only solves this problem from a legal standpoint, but also engages patients more in their own care decisions.

CareApprove is powerful because it is flexible. We’ve designed it to work with common technology standards so that CareApprove™ can be implemented easily using query-based exchange, or with Direct Secure Messaging.

For now, it’s on to Phase 2. We have until mid-January to prepare a prototype with a video demonstration, and an implementation plan for a project pilot. Phase 2 of the MHDFC challenge will provide $20,000 for up to five finalists to prove “real life” value through pilot demonstrations by May 1, 2017. Two Phase 3 winners will each receive $50,000, based on the judging team’s assessment of implementation viability for the winning solutions.  We’re confident we can go all the way. We’ll keep you posted!