Care Coordination – Anytime, Anywhere

Caredination is medical communication and care coordination platform, that helps caregivers navigate the complex healthcare system and ensures that patients’ critical medical information is not lost. The care team based tool, enables every clinician who is part of a care team to track, manage, and follow all patient activities as they move from one care setting to another.

The cloud-based solution provides dashboards that help care managers to track patient activities pertaining to hospital admissions, discharges, referrals, appointments, and care management tasks. Powerful notification and reminder capabilities ensure that proper follow-ups are made and no task falls through the cracks. Caredination, dubbed the “patient-centered social network”, facilitates multi-directional dialogue among providers and payers, incorporating collaborative elements of social networking in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.

Benefits of Caredination

Improved care coordination by facilitating secure communication and collaboration across all healthcare settings (providers, patients and payers are in the loop).

Tracks the lines of communication,
so there is no confusion.

Complete collaboration to improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of care.

Distribution of clinical reminders of important tasks and appointments alert providers and patients, improving the success of workups, and reducing unnecessary readmissions.

"The successful [Caredination] pilot program had an impact on reducing readmissions among our cardiac patients… and provided us with the care management best practices and healthcare technology savvy we sought for this project, including the importance of risk stratification and understanding CMS readmissions penalty processes. As a result, we were able to significantly reduce readmissions and related CMS penalties."

Thompson H. Boyd, III, M.D., Physician Liaison/ Hahnemann University Hospital

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