Inspector of Quality Healthcare Data (iQHD)

The Inspector of Quality Healthcare Data (iQHD) is a flexible and customizable tool that allows healthcare organizations acquire data and improve quality of clinical data. The solution, developed in partnership with HEALTHeLINK – the Western New York Clinical Information Exchange – helps organizations get meaningful, reliable, high quality data from multiple systems. With iQHD, organizations can work collaboratively with their partners and stakeholders to improve the overall quality of the clinical healthcare data.

This in turn helps them save time, resources, and costs in collecting, analyzing, and leveraging the data for integration projects as well as clinical and business intelligence initiatives. iQHD acts as the gatekeeper to ensure that the data collected is clean, meaningful and ready to be used.

Benefits of iQHD

Efficient identification of data quality issues.

Determination of clinical data readiness for HIE onboarding, analytics and more.

Validation score allows organizations to quantify and measure the relative quality of their data.

Significant time and savings for data providers, receivers and users.

Business Use Cases

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