Press release: Stella Technology join hands with Transparent Hands to revolutionize healthcare system in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan, December 7, 2020:

Pakistan is a country accommodating over 200 million people, with more than 70% of its population living in rural areas that have very little or almost no access to proper healthcare or medicine. The travel hassle and humongous expenses worsen it for the community who cannot afford it. Due to the unavailability of specialized healthcare, the primary care levels up to secondary or tertiary care.  

Transparent Hands and Stella Technology have joined hands with a resolve to put an end to the conventional age-old healthcare provision practices and introduction of technology to remove the barriers of distance and time. The aim is to provide free primary healthcare services and specialized consultation especially to the residents of far-flung areas of Pakistan who are unable to travel to big cities for their treatment, through the use of telemedicine solution.  

The solution also helps in managing care effectively by digitizing patient medical records, which not only streamlines the workflows and patient processes but also is time-saving and cost-effective. It increases communication and increases collaboration within the team. 

Telemedicine infrastructure is a promising solution to address equal access to care to everyone – solving shortages of healthcare facilities and medical professionalsIt also improves the care coordination and quality of patient care between the patients and the providers” says Mr. Hussnain Khorshied, Manager Business Development, Stella Technology.  

Stella Technology is focused on its mission of providing tools and technologies which will bring equivalent specialized healthcare for everyone regardless of the location of the patient. With its state of the art telemedicine and clinical care solution, Stella Equinox solution will provide much-needed access to healthcare services in areas that need it the most, and bridge the gap of care between urban and rural areas. 

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