Starting Up the Start Up!

Greetings from Las Vegas! Thursday, Stella Technology will celebrate its 3-month anniversary at the Axolotl User’s Group conference. It is poetic that we return to Vegas, as it was here where the seeds for the new start up were sown. At the time, we did not know where we were going. We only knew that the customers we had been helping for the last 15 years were doing something special, that they needed help, and that we had the unique skill sets to provide that assistance.

Months later, following much planning and strategizing, our first client was engaged, followed quickly by three more HIE clients, with others yet to be announced. We are also creating the tools HIE users need, such as an ADT text messaging tool which will be launched for the first time this weekend. In 3 months we have done more that most start-ups do in a year.

The reason for the success lies in you, our friends and customers. As we have helped you, you have taught us. Together we learned how to operationalize new the technologies in environments that had never been anticipated. We learned how to turn the wheel when brute force met the immovable object. Most importantly, we learned together what tools and techniques were needed by our joint customers, the caregivers. Now as Stella Technology we can use those experiences combined with the flexibility inherent to a start-up to act to provide the industry the best solutions to complex problems, and do so in an environment that fosters collaboration and long-term relationships.

In the future this blog will share the views and opinions not just of Stella Technology, but hopefully of our customers as well. We are very grateful to have worked with you in the past, and are very excited to do so now as partners in the start-up known as Stella Technology. Please feel free to call anytime, even if it is just to catch up. We look forward to seeing you this week.

Chris Henkenius
CEO, Stella Technology, Inc.

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