What an Exciting Event!

I would like to start by expressing our sympathy to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy, especially those in the New York area that have had their lives turned upside down for the past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we hope things can return to normal very soon.

As for the AUG conference, what an event! It was truly amazing seeing friends and colleagues whom we have known for over a decade all gathered in one place, as well as meeting face to face with some whom we had only ever spoken to on the phone. And of course, to those whom we met for the first time, we hope this is the beginning of a long and successful relationship.

Over the past several years, there always were topics of interest to some attendees but not others, and HIE initiatives differed significantly from site to site. For the first time, it felt like everyone in the room was trying to address the same major issues, primarily centered around Meaningful Use stage 2, data sharing across HIE boundaries, and of course, patient consent – which speaks volumes about how HIEs have matured. Given the discussions, feedback and the tried and true experience on these topics; given the sense of unity, community and support among the participants, which was humbling and inspiring, I have no doubt that the group as a whole will be able to conquer these challenges and lead the way for new and upcoming HIEs to achieve the same goals.

Thanks to the AUG Board and members for allowing Stella to be a part of this exciting event.

Sandra Sarnoff
COO and Principal Consultant, Stella Technology, Inc.

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