COVID-19 Vaccine:

Scheduled. Administered. Reported.

With vaccination drives happening around the globe, government and healthcare entities are looking for a solution which can help them manage their vaccination administration programs.



COVID Vaccination
(COV-VAC) card

Alerts and


COV-VAC Features

All in One Solution for Everyone.

Stella Technology’s COVID-19 Vaccination (COV-VAC) solution allows those organizations to efficiently schedule appointments, administer vaccines and track campaigns through an easy-to-use, cloud and mobile-based application specifically designed for large scale vaccination programs.

Once vaccinated, consumers receive a validated, tamper-proof digital COV-VAC card which can be used for travel, work and school re-openings, or any other socio-economic activities that have been restricted as a result of this unprecedented pandemic.

Solution Benefits

  • Intuitive, Fast 3-Step Vaccine Administration Workflow
  • Designed for Walk-In or Appointment Based Vaccination Campaigns
  • Convenient Vaccination Record Keeping for Providers and Consumers
  • Stella Equinox COV-VAC Vaccination Card – Validated and Tamper-Proof
  • Real-Time Reporting for Campaign Management

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