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Stella Development Services

You Have a Singular Vision. Stella Can Make It Happen.

Stella offers unparalleled healthcare technology and domain expertise to provide organizations with cost-effective, end-to-end software development services to build tailored solutions from the ground up.


Our approach to social determinants really benefits from the pedigree that Stella has, and it's a differentiator because some of our competitors just come from social services and don't come from the hardcore HIT and HIE background.

- Jeffrey Greene, Director of Product Design, NinePatch


Stella are true partners. They are open to working with us and whatever needs we have, and they listen to our questions and concerns. They earn your trust, and when you have that foundation of trust, you know that whatever challenges the project runs into, you're going be able to work through them. That's important.

- Luis Orozco, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Verato


Why Stella Development Services?

Stella Technology has years of proven experience, bandwidth, and in-depth knowledge of healthcare technology solutions to make your healthcare product vision a reality.  Our talented engineers have unparalleled healthcare technology and domain expertise to provide you with a cost-effective, end-to-end solution, built from the ground up, tailored to your needs. Our global presence and fearless innovation will enable you to help you achieve your healthcare technology goals.

Healthcare technology is our passion, and that's why we've dedicated our lives to it. We want to make your technology dreams come true.

  • True Partnership

    True Partnerships

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    True Partnerships

    Want to feel like your services technology partner actually has your back?

    Pull up a chair and let's talk.

    We're here to understand your vision and execute it in a way that exceeds your wildest expectations. We have the moxie, daring and commitment to make your most ambitious healthcare technology vision a reality.

  • Unparalleled Healthcare

    Unparalleled Healthcare Domain Expertise

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    Unparalleled Healthcare Domain Expertise

    Want to work with a development company that actually knows about healthcare?

    You've found your needle in a haystack.

    Our seasoned engineers and leaders have designed, implemented and run some of the nation's leading health information exchanges (HIEs) and health information technology (HIT) projects over the past 20 years.

  • Equinox Features, Cost-effective


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    Laughing all the way to the bank after partnering with us?

    Don't worry, we're used to it.

    Whether you are a young startup or a public company, we will collaborate with you to find a business model that's best suited for your setup.


Stella Development Services Overview

From just a product idea to ready-to-deploy enterprise-grade applications and platforms, Stella has a vast track record of designing, developing and delivering software for providers, payers and patients.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery, Validation & Competitive Analysis

Product Discovery Icon

Product Discovery, Validation and Competitive Analysis

In this initial phase of software product development, we work with customers to understand their problem statement - the pain points/issues they are trying to resolve with the software product - and analyze the market to see how and where the idea fits in. We also look for competitors and similar products and envision how this product can be different/better than some of the available options. 

  • User Interviews
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Empathy Mapping
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Product Strategy and Market Analysis
  • Technology Evaluation and Vendor Selection (Build vs. Buy)
  • User Surveys
  • User Persona
  • Use Cases
Product Ideation

Product Ideation

Product Ideation Icon

Product Ideation

Stella Technology uses a structured, user-centered design methodology to transform clients' raw ideas into solutions that not only address their needs and drives business growth, but also bring proven value to their users. We carry out the following activities to map out their vision.

  • User flows
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
UI_UX Design

UI/UX Design

UI_UX Design Icon

UI/UX Design

Stella Technology helps you build better, more intuitive and more attractive user experiences. Our UX department thoroughly researches any healthcare application to visualize the user journey, and our UI department is responsible for translating that user journey into reality. 

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • UI Trends
  • Design thinking
  • Good product understanding
  • Analytical and logical thinking
Product Management

Product Management

Product Management Icon

Product Management

Stella's product managers set goals for a product, define its success, and organize and inspire teams to build it. They manage the end-to-end releases of our software by creating user stories, planning development Sprints, building and managing the roadmap of the product version releases, and more.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Product Strategy and Market Analysis
  • User Story Definition and Grooming
  • Design and Co-creation
    • Healthcare IT Standards Selection
    • Harmonization and Compliance
    • Technology Evaluation and Vendor Selection
  • Functional/Product Feature Design
  • Product Roadmap Maintenance
Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development Icon

Software Design and Development

Stella finalizes the solution's technical architecture that will be used to build the software based on the outputs of the Product Discovery and Ideation phases. We also take into account a number of elements such as the type of architecture necessary to support future growth and scalability, and then develop the software using the technologies finalized in the design phase.

  • Monolithic Application Development
  • Serverless Application Development
    • Amazon Lambda
    • Firebase Functions
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Application (iOS and Android)
  • Microservices Application Development
  • ETL
  • Web Services (SOAP, RESTful)
  • Cloud Services
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing Icon

Quality Assurance and Testing

Stella conducts extensive quality assurance on our software builds and executes two types of testing: functional testing, making sure clients' requirements are met; and non-functional testing, to test those elements that are not included by the customer but that are crucial to a successful build; e.g. the stability and security of the software, load and stress testing, scalability and reliability. Much of the testing is automated, using different frameworks and scripting techniques, complemented by manual testing for scenarios that cannot be automated.

  • Test Cases Definition, Maintenance and Execution
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Test Automation
  • End-to-end Testing
Development Operations

Development Operations

Development Operations Icon

Development Operations

Stella's DevOps unites the skill of a software engineer and those of a system engineer to build and deploy the software being developed. Using automated tools, the DevOps resource builds pipelines to ensure developers' code is deployed on the cloud and is accessible for testing and an eventual release to end users.

  • CI/CD Configuration
  • Server Configuration, Management and Maintenance
Support, Maintenance and Operations

Support, Maintenance and Operations

Support, Maintenance and Operations Icon

Support, Maintenance and Operations

Post-deployment, Stella provides support, maintenance and operations services to clients. We respond to client issues with our standard three-level support processes, and conduct software and system maintenance as required on a regular basis. If scheduled maintenance takes place, such as upgrading or downgrading servers, this department handles client queries and performs the upgrades/downgrades on client applications.

  • Hosting Infrastructure Services:
    • Planning (Architecture, Costs)
    • Setup and Configuration
    • Resources Management
    • Backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Security
  • Level 2 and 3 Support
  • Maintenance (Application and Technology Stack)

Stella Areas of Expertise


HIT Product

  • Master Patient Index
  • Provider Directory
  • HIE Platform
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Practice Management System (PMS)
  • Claim Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Patient Engagement Application
  • Care Management and Care Coordination Application
  • Referral/Authorization Managements
  • Electronic Ordering and Order Reconciliation
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Public Health Gateway
  • Data Quality Tools
  • Interoperability Testing Tools

Domain Expertise

  • Clinical Data Integration for Providers,
    Payers and Patients
  • Administrative Transactions
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes
  • Patient Registries
  • Registry Reporting
  • Managed Care
  • Referral Management
  • Care and Disease Management
  • Remote Device Monitoring
  • Radiology Image Exchange
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)
  • Whole Person Care


  • Messaging (e.g., HL7 v2/v3, X12, IHE Profiles, HITSP, eHealth Exchange, Direct, Standards and Interoperability Framework)
  • Document (e.g., CCD/CCDA, FHIR, NCPDP)
  • Semantic (e.g., ICD10, CPT4, LOINC, SNOMED)

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