No More Data Disconnect

Prism's Agile Analytics first allow for unfettered visibility into broad and disparate healthcare data sets as soon as the data is loaded.

  • Reduce ramp up time and costs with a healthcare oriented open data platform
  • Unify your data across clinical (HL7, C-CDA, FHIR), administrative (EDI), and operational (systems and user activity) data sets
  • Immediately explore through intuitive visualization and exploration features (e.g. Google-like search)

No More Theoretical Data Modeling

Analysts can quickly profile their data to develop full understanding of information quality and its readiness for healthcare reporting measures and KPIs.

  • Recognize all your reporting potential, maximize your value
  • Identify data gaps to improve your potential

No More Unknowns

Once the data is truly understood, analytics reporting models can be easily crafted and adapted to focus on the right opportunities.

  • Reduce time and effort to execute detailed studies
  • Visualize highest value opportunities to inform improvement focus
  • Rapidly iterate to continuously improve value and ROI (avoid lengthy and costly re-modeling)


Results and Reports


Clinical Entitles

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